Weekly Revolt

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Weekly Revolt is an online training program that help people build healthier habits. We helped them design a new digital style guide and implement it throughout their digital and physical touchpoints.
This is a simplified version of the styleguide used to create the new identity
We aimed to design a guide that will last over time - to withstand "tear & wear". The cerise color is energetic (the catalyst) while the blue is balance. The greyscale represents the journey from not fit to fit.
Social media templates for stories/posts
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Our mission is to help as many companies as possible decrease their co2-footprint within this decade. As a planet we need to halve our global carbon emissions before 2030 to avoid a planetary catastrophe – mvpd was founded with the belief that technology & design will be a key resource in the #racetozero. Lets' decarbonize the world before it's too late.

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