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Lorant Toth (vasstaktäckaren) is the third master thatcher in straight succesion in the Toth family – The family company was in need of a brand to carry them into a new era.
Final logotype
The wooden beams that is placed over the ridge of the roof is the most iconic element – naturally, we wanted it to be visible in the logotype.
Symbol application
Other projects: 
Book Swop logotype
Frågor är alltid välkomna;

Our mission is to help as many companies as possible decrease their co2-footprint within this decade. As a planet we need to halve our global carbon emissions before 2030 to avoid a planetary catastrophe – mvpd was founded with the belief that technology & design will be a key resource in the #racetozero. Lets' decarbonize the world before it's too late.

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