Thule Rescue

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In Sweden, we still have a lot of people dying from drowning each year (68 in 2020). 28 of them were at the beach having a casual swim. Lifeguards are few and often ill-equipped at our beaches. Thule Rescue was designed to help Surf Lifeguards get to a drowning person faster.
Lifeguards patrol beaches in SUVs with a Rescue surfboard attached to the roof. The problem that I've identified through field research is that the rescueboard is too slow to unload from the roof.
Me testing a full-scale prototype of the design
My idea was simple: To design a roof rack system that would unload the surfboard faster – saving critical seconds...
Inspiration: Aesthetically I was inspired by the functional/sporty tools (Gill & Fiskars) while the functionality was inspired by firemen equipment (ruggedness & usability)
final design
Faster access to the Surf Rescue board saves critical seconds, which may determine life or death
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