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Audio start-up Stonebjelk Speakers needed a new platform to market and sell their speakers. I helped them with design and development.
brand sprint
Brand Sprints are a great way to uncover the most essential building blocks of a brand in a fast way.
Photo from the Sprint with founder Ludvig who positioned the brand while I took notes.
design language
Stylescapes is a image board-technique where you compile all key elements of a site to make the visual direction easier to overview
The stylescape led us to a visual style that we could later use in the project
final design
Wireframes helped us test our information hierarchy before going into the final design phase
Custom icons and speaker illustrations were made to capture the right feeling for the brand
mobile cx
Naturally, offering a smooth shopping experience on mobile is essentials for budding brands. I worked extra hard to make the mobile customer experience as good as possible.
Product customization tool (for color & material) which enables the customer to create her unique speaker – fast & easy
"We at Stonebjelk are super-happy with our new website. Especially happy are we with the built in color & material customization tool. The site feels professional and exclusive."
Ludvig Stenbjelke | Founder
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