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An astrology-website in Swedish for the young female professional. We wanted it to feel like an app, but with the effortless access of an webpage.
The project was kicked off by a Design Sprint. We wanted to make sure that there was a clear demand for the type of digital application we wanted to build. It turned out that our initial assumption was wrong. Instead of building a native iOS/Android app we decided to make an PWA (Progressive Web App).
The Design Sprint (invented by Google Ventures) is a 5-day workshop for answering critical project assumptions before you invest time & money into building a solution.
We started out by asking our target users what they wanted, before spending any time on the solution. It leds us to design a web-based app rather than a native iOS app.
The finished web page. It has a distinct "app feel" but is easier to access and more frequently updated (better CX).
behind the design: what inspired the style
Star grids are a commonly used system in astronomy. Stars are organised in a grid with numbers. We replicated the look and feel of this in our design. If you look closely you can see the numbers in the top corner of each box.
Star grids have long been used to organize stars in astronomy. You can see the vague numbers on the grid which is a reference to the traditional grids.
Intentional misalignment to the base grid. As a wink to the common perception of astrology as an pseudo-science we intentionally wanted elements to not be aligned with the "star grid"
Wabi-sabi is about celebrating the beauty of imperfections. On the site you can see how nothing is aligned to the base grid, it's a reference to both wabi-sabi and astrology's reputation of being a pseudo-science which are not aligned with real science.
The style of the menu is inspired by Swedish Text-TV. It has a iconic lo-fi feel that many of our users like.
Text-TV has inspired the style with its lo-fi coolness and stark colors
The client hesitated a bit if we should go we a light or dark design... Until we realized that we could have both at the same time with a switch to toggle between the two themes.
Day mode – white and yellow color scheme
Light theme
Dark theme
Night mode – black and pink color scheme
"Had it not been for Axels extreme care for detail and hard work to fully comprehend my complete vision, I would not be where I am today."
Sofia Pontén | Founder
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Our mission is to help as many companies as possible decrease their co2-footprint within this decade. As a planet we need to halve our global carbon emissions before 2030 to avoid a planetary catastrophe – mvpd was founded with the belief that technology & design will be a key resource in the #racetozero. Lets' decarbonize the world before it's too late.

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