ProjeKt brief
Skapa en logotyp för en presentgivar-tjänst. Tjänsten förlitar sig på Crowdfunding för att finansiera presenterna.
THEME A: The Umbrella
There is something about umbrellas which is beautiful in its’ ubiquitous nature... It protects us and is a loyal companion wherever we might go. A bit like insurance companies protect our interests no matter what happens in life. (Plus a subtle wink to Irish climate and heritage of the brand).
A1 An umbrella seen from above
A2 A large umbrella that covers the entire word
A3 Umbrella + Coat of arms
THEME B: The hidden element
There is something almost magical about logotypes that has a hidden message. Some of the most iconic ones like Mobil Oil or Fedex springs to mind. Pure greatness :)
B1 Large "1"
B2 The "1" is embedded in the "n"
B3 A more discrete version of B2
The client chose concepts A1 and B1 for further design development. He later chose B1 as the final version of the logo.
Idén bakom designen
Det är viktigt att logotyper har en tydlig silhuett som fungerar i liten skala såväl som stor. Vare sig det är en pytteliten ikon på Instagram eller en stor logo på en tygkasse ska den synas. Vi anser att den här logon fungerar bra i alla storlekar.
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