A changemaking experience
Our RTZ-Sprint is a fun & change-provocing, done-with-you workshop. It'll launch your company towards zero emissions "cheetah-fast"
You'll get:
A 3-hour Design Sprint workshop
Expert feedback on your product
Full documentation of findings
Post-sprint coaching call (45 min)
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Race to Zero Sprint

Are you ready for the fossil free future?
I mean really ready...?

Consider for a moment what is happening in
the world right now; We're comitted to halve
global greenhouse-gases in just 9 years...

We need a reconstruction of our economy
- at a rate which unprecendented in human history.
New laws, rapid technical innovation, shifting
customer demand. It will all change. Fast.

Any risk you might have missed something in this?

If so, would you like to take 3 hours to potentially
save the future of your company?

I give you the RTZ-sprint to help
you future-proof yourself for the coming
years... Scroll on to learn more
3 Hours | Remote | Fun & Easy
Why sprint?
The big shift away from fossil fuels is already here and is getting more evident by the day...
...this means : a lot of new (clean) technology, stricter legislation and increasing customer demand for low-emission products
Are your product innovation pipeline primed with fossil-free "blockbuster-ideas" to meet the future? If not, we have just the thing for you...
How it works
We will look at the entire or focused part of the lifecycle of your chosen product
We have designed a card deck based on the actions in the Exponential roadmap to help us come up with new ideas for improvement.
The idea-making processes is supported by our action cards. You don't need to actually draw, words on a post-it will do!
Your most promising sketches are tested w/ our Expert panel
The last step is to plan ahead. We evaluate the most important crriteria and assign ownership for future implementation.
We'll cover all (or the desired) steps of your product lifecycle – mapping out problems and opportunities in each stage
The Action Cards help you research the different "product areas" - and create decisive action
You will sketch out solutions based on what you learn during the sprint (no actual drawing skills are required)

Facilitated by

Clara Olsson

Sprint founder / Facilitator
Industrial Designer & Sustainable Design Expert

Axel Moll

Sprint founder / Facilitator
Industrial Designer w/ a MsC in Innovation
it's not okay :(
"Preventing irreversible climate disruption is the race of our lives, and for our lives. It is a race that we can and must win.”
António Guterres, UN Secretary General
"The 3h race-to-zero sprint is a fun and easy way of deepening the understanding of your business role within the global ecosystem. This guided step-by-step asks the right questions to motivate our common goal for our planet. This really is an eye opener which gives you solutions and a possible action plan straight away."

Hanna, haseya.se
I had the opportunity to participate in MVPDs “race to zero” sprint this fall. It was an extremely productive experience and it gave a clear overview of challenges ahead and which steps to take in order to minimize Norra’s environmental footprint. The sprint was preformed with great guidance and engagement.

Jacob, norraoutdoor.com
The 3h-RACE TO ZERO Sprint
The future is fossil free. Why wait a second longer than necessary to make the transition? We know for a fact that the shift is coming. The winners of the future are determined today.

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33,500 SEK
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This is included:
A 3-hour interactive session with our RTZ-expert facilitator
Feedback on your product lifecycle from our panel of experts
The Post-Sprint Report (PDF) which summarizes findings + future roadmap
The future is fossil free. We offer you a "friendly push" into the race to zero and the opportunity to create new, innovative product concepts – for the future of your business
You'll get:
A 3-hour Design Sprint workshop
Expert feedback on your product
Full documentation of findings
Post-sprint coaching call (45 min)
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Our mission is to help as many companies as possible decrease their co2-footprint within this decade. As a planet we need to halve our global carbon emissions before 2030 to avoid a planetary catastrophe – mvpd was founded with the belief that technology & design will be a key resource in the #racetozero. Lets' decarbonize the world before it's too late.

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