Book Swop

Create a logotype for a book swopping service that harmonize with the mother company Swop Shop brand identity.
Swop shop logo – the mother company
FedEx logo – w/ the hidden arrow showing their main business objective and progressive spirit
amazon – "we have everything from a to z" + smile
chosen design
The design was chosen by the client because it looks welcoming and friendly while also having a "second layer" See more below
Original / Negative version
The badge has a irregular shape that is supposed to look friendly and relaxed. The negative version is used on dark backgrounds
behind the design
I always strive to create a logo-silhouette that is unique and memorable. In this case the "middle segment" (the double o's and 'w') create a unique symbol that captures the core brand message.
Key symbol for social media and other supporting contexts
The key symbol can be used for various applications to tell the story of the brand. For instance, it can be used to create a pattern...
Black The "w"-s are meant to resemble open books that are being swopped between users
A word from the client
"Axel Moll is the fantastic designer who made our bookswop-logo 💚♻️📚 sooo pleased"
Jane, CEO Swop Shop
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